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Leading Solar Installers in Reno.

Escape the grip of NV Energy with Reno, NV solar company Sun Source Energy, your reliable partner in transitioning to solar energy.

Why Sun Source Energy? A Brighter, Greener Tomorrow with American-Made Solar Panels

$0 Down

As dedicated Reno solar installers, we provide a remarkable $0 down payment option, covering every cost from precise engineering to flawless installation. Our customized financing solutions ensure that solar energy becomes an achievable aspiration for all Reno residents.

Lower Bill

Transition to solar with Sun Source Energy and initiate a pathway to reduced monthly energy expenses. In contrast to the fluctuating rates of NV Energy, our solar solutions secure a fixed, discounted rate, providing a reliable shield against annual rate increases.

25 Year Warranty

Our superior black monocrystalline American-made solar panels not only enhance your home’s visual appeal but also come with an impressive 25-year performance warranty. This guarantee underscores our position as a leading solar installer in Reno, reflecting our unwavering confidence in the quality and durability of our products.

Clean Energy

Switch to solar energy and play a pivotal role in diminishing pollution in Reno. By lowering your carbon footprint, you actively contribute to a cleaner, brighter future for the forthcoming generations in Nevada.

solar panels installed on a roof

Why solar?

Monthly Savings

We understand your desire to reduce that monthly utility bill. By choosing renewable energy, the solar industry provides a compelling alternative. The average Sun Source Energy customer saves thousands of dollars. Rate hikes become a concern of the past, and you secure a low, consistent monthly rate.

renewable energy tax credits

Why solar?

Tax Credits

The federal government provides a 30% tax credit on the value of your home’s solar system, with no cap on system size. Coupled with various state rebates, this makes solar energy the most cost-effective option. A professional solar energy contractor can guide you in maximizing these savings.

Sun Source Energy installers showing up for a solar install job.

Why solar?

Predictability on Bill

Utility rates increase by an average of 4% annually. This means your utility bill will be at least 20% higher in five years. Why not secure your rate today by switching to solar? Solar energy acts as lifestyle insurance. As energy costs climb, solar customers can maintain their current energy usage without straining their budgets. In the future, those without solar will be scrambling to conserve energy or rushing to install solar systems.

solar installers inspecting a house

Why solar?

Home Appreciation

Homes are among the safest investments. Why? With proper care and maintenance, they typically appreciate in value over time. Picture this: your real estate agent shows you two houses. One has a utility bill, and the other does not. Would you be willing to pay a premium for the latter, knowing you’ll never have to worry about costly energy bills again?

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Happy customer

“I am extremely satisfied in my experience with Sun Source, after having received a glowing recommendation from my neighbor and deciding to head in the solar direction. Cannot recommend working with David enough – professional, approachable and knowledgeable – the information did not feel pitched or pushy, and the quality of work on all fronts is excellent. Very pleased, I highly recommend…and I’m picky 😜”

– Alana Clapp, Summerlin

steps to go solar

Free Consultation

A seasoned solar consultant will visit you, evaluate your home, and outline all your solar options. We will review your current energy usage and have a comprehensive solar proposal crafted by our expert engineers. This proposal will provide a detailed rooftop view, showing the optimal placement of solar panels on your home.

solar installer on a lift

steps to go solar

Site Survey

We will dispatch an experienced solar energy contractor to inspect your home’s roof and electrical panel for any structural defects before installation. During this visit, we will also assess the sun exposure your roof receives. Often, we cover minor repairs at no additional cost.

Sun Source Energy van and site survey drone

steps to go solar

Install Solar Panels

Your solar panels will be installed by a C-2 licensed team of expert solar contractors. Most systems can be set up within just a few hours. All installation work is backed by a 10-year roof penetration warranty and a 25-year production warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

solar installation in progress

steps to go solar


Once your solar system is installed, it must be inspected by your city’s jurisdiction. We will coordinate and meet the inspector at your home, collaborating to ensure your new solar system operates flawlessly and efficiently.

Solar inspection in progress

steps to go solar

Turn on system

Once we secure authorization from the utility company, we will activate your system. You will then begin to experience all the advantages of clean, renewable energy.

solar panels installed on a roof


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Common Questions

Which Northern Nevada cities does Sun Source Energy service?

In addition to Reno, NV, we install solar energy systems in the following cities: Sparks, Sun Valley, Spanish Springs, Verdi, Cold Springs, Lemmon Valley, Stead, Golden Valley, Washoe Valley, Incline Village, Virginia City, Carson City, Fernley, Lockwood, Wadsworth, Silver Springs, Silver City, Dayton, and Nixon.

What happens to solar panels during the snowy winter months in Reno?

Solar panels can still generate electricity during winter. Snow usually slides off the panels due to their angle, and our team can provide maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Do solar panels require a lot of maintenance in harsh weather?

Minimal maintenance is required; our durable panels withstand harsh weather effectively.

How often will I need to clean the solar panels?

Cleaning is typically needed 1-2 times per year, depending on local conditions.

Are solar panels durable enough to withstand Northern Nevada’s weather conditions?

Yes, our solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snow, strong winds, and extreme temperatures common in Northern Nevada.

Can solar panels protect my roof from Reno’s weather?

Yes, solar panels can provide an additional layer of protection for your roof, shielding it from UV rays, rain, and snow.

How does the altitude in Northern Nevada impact solar panel efficiency?

Higher altitudes can enhance solar panel efficiency due to clearer air and increased solar radiation, making Northern Nevada ideal for solar energy.

How can businesses in Reno and Sparks benefit from solar energy?

Businesses can reduce operating costs, enhance sustainability, and take advantage of tax incentives by switching to solar energy.

Is my roof compatible with solar panels?

We conduct thorough site surveys specific to the unique roofing styles found in Reno and Northern Nevada to determine suitability, ensuring seamless integration with your home’s structure.

Are there any local regulations for installing solar panels in Reno and Sparks?

Yes, local regulations and building codes must be followed. Sun Source Energy handles all permitting and ensures compliance with local laws.

Our Customers

Sun Source Energy customer google review profile pic

I would definitely recommend using Sun Source Energy and specifically reps Alice and Chris Barnum if you are looking for solar panels for your home. Alice and Chris were very nice and professional every step of the way and also managed our expectations as to how long the process would take which was an important factor to us. The pricing and the overall timeline that we were told for the project was as they said it would be. The best part if that now that the panels have been installed and are fully operational we only have to pay NV Energy a small connection fee every month, the panels take care of the rest (we bought them rather than doing the leasing option). Thank you to Alice and Chris Barnum or Sun Source Energy, you guys were great!

Sun Source Energy customer google review profile pic

Sun Source Solar exceeded my expectations in every aspect of my solar installation journey. From the initial sales consultation to the final paperwork submission with my HOA, their team displayed exceptional professionalism and expertise. The sales process was transparent and informative, ensuring I fully understood the benefits of solar energy for my home. Their customer service team was responsive and accommodating, addressing any concerns promptly and courteously. The installation crew was efficient and respectful of my property, completing the job with precision and attention to detail. Moreover, their pricing was competitive, offering excellent value for the quality of service provided. I highly recommend Sun Source Solar to anyone considering solar energy for their home, as they truly set the standard for excellence in the industry.

Sun Source Energy customer google review profile pic

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sun Source for solar installation, and I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. From start to finish, everything was incredibly smooth and hassle-free. The team at Sun Source made the process easy for us, guiding us through each step. The results speak for themselves. We’re now enjoying the benefits of solar energy, and I would confidently give Sun Source a well-deserved 5-star rating. Highly recommended!