Solar panels being installed on a roof in Las Vegas


Sun Source Energy is a family of passionate solar energy contractors that pride themselves on offering cutting-edge technology. Adding value to our nation’s communities while helping the planet is what brings us great pride.

Our Sun Source Team

Our solar energy company is a family of professionals. Meet the leadership lighting the way on how solar energy contractors should perform.

Sean Crotty

Sean Crotty

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Crotty

Josh Crotty


Closeup of Travis Tuls in a blue Sun Source shirt

Travis Tuls

Vice President of Sales

David Hogan

David Hogan

National Sales Director

Daniel Stakleff in a Blue Sun Source Shirt

Daniel Stakleff

Director of Marketing

Victor Ruffer

Victor Ruffer

Director of Business Development

Heather Grubaugh wearing a custom Sun Source shirt

Heather Grubaugh

Office Manager

Why Sun Source?

Customer Service

Calling Las Vegas home base we inherently know the value of customer service. As a top-tier solar energy contractor, we strive to apply Las Vegas famed customer service across all our verticals.


Quality service and work are always the top concern when it comes to doing any upgrades to a home. Understanding this we hold our solar installation teams to a set of standards. Checks on service are done across all projects.


Speed for many solar energy contractors will disrupt solar installations without proper checks and balances. We have developed a strict set of operating procedures to attain a timely installation of your solar system.


Transparency is extremely important when installing solar panels on anyone’s home. From the initial consultation, we present you with robust proposals & have an assigned consultant ready for you 24/7.


Value encompasses serval points when upgrading to a solar system on a residential home. We start with a new lower bill and end with curated solar panels & inverters to reach long-term peak performance.


Family is a deep-rooted aspect of our business all the way up to the owners themselves. When you work with us as your solar energy contractor you become part of the family.

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