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Escape the grip of NV Energy with North Las Vegas solar provider Sun Source Energy, your reliable partner in transitioning to solar energy. 

Why Sun Source Energy? A Brighter, Greener Tomorrow with American-Made Solar Panels

$0 Down

As committed solar installers in the City of North Las Vegas, we offer $0 down, covering all associated costs from engineering to installation. Our tailored financing options make solar energy an attainable choice for every resident of North Las Vegas.

Lower Bill

Switch to solar with Sun Source Energy, and embark on a journey to lower monthly energy bills. Unlike the unpredictable rates of NV Energy, our solar solutions lock in a discounted rate, offering a safeguard against annual rate hikes.

25 Year Warranty

Our premium black monocrystalline American-made solar panels not only elevate the aesthetics of your home but come with a robust 25-year performance warranty, showcasing our confidence as a preeminent solar provider in the City of North Las Vegas.

Clean Energy

Transition to solar and play a vital role in reducing pollution in the City of North Las Vegas. By reducing your carbon footprint, you contribute to a cleaner, brighter future for the next generations in Nevada.

solar panels installed on roof

Why solar?

Monthly Savings

Discover how to cut down on your monthly utility bills with renewable energy solutions from Sun Source Energy. Our North Las Vegas customers typically save thousands of dollars by switching to solar power. Say goodbye to rate hikes and enjoy the stability of a consistent, low monthly rate.

renewable energy saving you money

Why solar?

Tax Credits

The federal government provides a 30% tax credit for your home’s solar system, regardless of its size. Alongside various state rebates, this makes solar energy an incredibly cost-effective option. A professional solar energy installer in the City of North Las Vegas can guide you in maximizing these savings.

Sun Source Energy van arriving at home to install solar system

Why solar?

Predictability on Bill

The average increase in utility costs across the country is 4% annually. In five years, your utility bill could be 20% higher than it is today. Lock in your energy rates now by switching to solar. Solar power acts as lifestyle insurance, protecting you from rising energy costs. With solar in the City of North Las Vegas, you won’t need to alter your energy habits to fit your budget. In the future, non-solar users will be rushing to save energy or making the switch to solar.

Site inspection taking place at a home.

Why solar?

Home Appreciation

Homes are among the most reliable investments. Why? With proper care and maintenance, their value generally appreciates over time. Picture this: your real estate agent shows you two homes. One comes with utility bills, while the other does not. Would you consider paying a bit more for the second home to avoid future costly energy bills?

steps to go solar

Free Consultation

An expert solar consultant will visit your home to evaluate it and discuss your solar energy options in detail. We will review your current energy usage and have a comprehensive solar plan crafted by skilled engineers. Our proposal will include a rooftop layout showing the optimal placement of solar panels on your property.

Solar installer on lift

steps to go solar

Site Survey

An experienced solar energy specialist will visit your home to examine your roof and electrical panel for any structural issues before installation. During this visit, we will also assess the sun exposure your roof receives. Minor repairs are often provided at no additional cost.

Sun Source Energy van and site survey drone

steps to go solar

Install Solar Panels

Your solar panel installation will be carried out by a certified C-2 electrical team specializing in solar systems. Most installations are completed within a few hours. We offer a 10-year warranty on roof penetrations and a 25-year warranty on system production.

solar installation in progress

steps to go solar


After your solar system is installed on your roof, it will need to be inspected by the local authorities. We will coordinate with the inspector and meet them at your home to ensure your new solar system is operating correctly and efficiently.

solar home inspection in progress

steps to go solar

Turn on system

After obtaining approval from the utility company, we will activate your system. You can then begin enjoying the numerous benefits of clean, renewable energy!

solar panels on roof


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Common Questions

Are there specific incentives for solar energy in North Las Vegas?

Yes, North Las Vegas offers unique local incentives and rebates for solar installations. These include city-specific tax credits and incentives designed to promote renewable energy adoption in the area.

What makes North Las Vegas ideal for solar energy?

North Las Vegas experiences abundant sunshine year-round, making it an excellent location for harnessing solar energy. The unique desert climate ensures maximum solar panel efficiency.

What maintenance is required for solar panels in North Las Vegas?

Regular cleaning is essential due to the dust and debris common in North Las Vegas. Our annual maintenance service includes a thorough cleaning to ensure your panels operate at peak efficiency.

What should I consider when choosing a solar provider in North Las Vegas?

Look for a provider with extensive experience in the North Las Vegas area, knowledge of local regulations, and a proven track record of successful installations. Ensure they offer high-quality American-made panels and comprehensive customer service.

Are solar batteries a good option for homes in North Las Vegas?

Solar batteries are an excellent option for homes in North Las Vegas, providing energy storage for use during peak demand times or power outages. They enhance energy independence and maximize the benefits of your solar system.

How does roof direction affect solar panel efficiency?

The direction and angle of your roof significantly impact solar panel efficiency. South-facing roofs typically provide the best performance, but our installers can optimize panel placement for various roof orientations.

Can ground mounts be used for solar installations in North Las Vegas?

Yes, ground mounts are a viable option for solar installations in North Las Vegas, especially for properties with limited roof space or those seeking to maximize solar energy production.

What are the options for installing solar panels on flat roofs in North Las Vegas?

For flat roofs, we offer various mounting solutions such as ballasted mounts, tilt-up mounts, and custom racking systems to ensure optimal panel orientation and performance.

Our Customers

Sun Source Energy customer google review profile pic

These people are FABULOUS ! Friendly, courteous, helpful… I can’t say enough about them. I had Alice’s number and she kept me informed every step of the way. If I had a question she usually got back to me within 30 min. If she was busy she would send me a text saying when she could talk to me. They are extremely honest and help you with making the right decision. I wish more people that I do business with were as nice. They even helped my husband (he has a cracked hip) move a heavy rack so their person could get to the power box. Now that everything is done they helped move it back. I’m very impressed with these two young people. I highly recommend them for your Solar company.

Sun Source Energy customer google review profile pic

I was always skeptical of Solar companies. But I like Sun Source because they are based here locally with local techs. David Hogan help me out every step of the way. I got my solar turned on in the spring and I only pay NvEnergy about $13 a month and my payment for the panels is under $200. And it’s been consistent all summer long. I recommend Sun Source to anyone

Sun Source Energy customer google review profile pic

Alice and Chris were amazing throughout the entire process. They believe in providing excellence of care and their actions show that. 100% would recommend.