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Escape the grip of the North Las Vegas utility company NV Energy with solar company Sun Source Energy, your reliable partner in transitioning to solar energy. Our experienced team is here from the initial consultation to the activation of your solar panels, ensuring a seamless shift from reliance on North Las Vegas NV Energy.

Why Sun Source Energy? A Brighter, Greener Tomorrow with American-Made Solar Panels

$0 Down

As committed North Las Vegas solar installers, we offer $0 down, covering all associated costs from engineering to installation. Our tailored financing options make solar energy an attainable choice for every resident of North Las Vegas.

Lower Bill

Switch to solar with Sun Source Energy, and embark on a journey to lower monthly energy bills. Unlike the unpredictable rates of NV Energy, our solar solutions lock in a discounted rate, offering a safeguard against annual rate hikes.

25 Year Warranty

Our premium black monocrystalline American-made solar panels not only elevate the aesthetics of your home but come with a robust 25-year performance warranty, showcasing our confidence as a preeminent North Las Vegas solar installer.

Clean Energy

Transition to solar and play a vital role in reducing pollution in North Las Vegas. By reducing your carbon footprint, you contribute to a cleaner, brighter future for the next generations in Nevada.

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“Our experience with Sun Source Energy was outstanding. From the initial visit to the final job, everything went smoothly and on time.”

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Go solar with Sun Source Energy

Steps to going solar

Switching to solar energy is very simple & friendly. We handle all the hard work from permitting, installation, & powering on your solar panel system.

Free Consultation

Our insightful consultants analyze your energy usage and provide a custom solar proposal.

Site Survey

Before installation, we assess your home’s solar potential, ensuring optimal sun exposure.

Install Solar Panels

Our team of licensed North Las Vegas solar installers efficiently install your solar panels, backed by a 10-year roof penetration and 25-year production warranty.

Inspection & Activation

After installation, we coordinate the necessary inspections and upon approval, your system is activated, introducing you to a world of renewable energy and freedom from the North Las Vegas utility company NV Energy.

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Embark on a Solar Adventure in North Las Vegas with Sun Source Energy Solar is a wise choice to take control of your energy while shielding against rate hikes and inflation. As a trusted North Las Vegas solar installer, we are here to facilitate your transition to clean, renewable energy.


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Solar Fact: Sun Source Energy was founded in 2017 by the Crotty brothers in Las Vegas.