sun source installation van open up during a solar panel installation.

Dealer Program

Gain access to a unique system for better sales and better fulfillment so you get paid faster and grow your revenue.

Reliability matters.

One of the biggest hurdles in selling solar is, well, selling solar! Once you’ve closed the deal, it can be incredibly frustrating to watch all that work fizzle away because the installation part that’s supposed to go smoothly falls to pieces.

Rapid Turnaround

Our customer service-orientated staff and processes are optimized for efficient install times.

Proven Quality

Having installed across such a variety of homes and roof planes we are able to provide the highest quality craftsmanship on all our jobs.

A+ Communication

We have developed a suite of processes and proprietary technologies to provide clean and efficient communication.

Finish the job.

We are dedicated to getting the job finished not only on time but with the highest customer service. We want to leave the customer excited.

Improve your business.

Streamline your process

Empower your sales reps and get them access to CRM tools that are built for your industry.

Craftsmanship is key

Leaving a home with a functional solar system is just the beginning. We make sure to deliver on every project by leveraging our experience and proprietary processes.

Get your clients faster installations

Ensure customers are satisfied with a speedy, reliable installation that gets you paid faster.

Accelerate deals with sales support

Proactively identify and solve issues ahead of time so sales reps focus on new sales instead.

Sun Source USA has your back.

We’ve been in the solar industry for years and so we understand the challenges solar dealers and installers alike contend with. That’s why we spent nearly 5 years perfecting our systems.

Now, you can empower your sales team and boost your overall revenue by combining our custom software, our tried-and-true connections, and our 5-star quality service to improve your results and grow your revenue.

front of the sun source energy warehouse.

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